Let’s start with a very basic definition of yoga, just so that we can absolve all fears that it is foreign or demonic or that you have to be a contortionist to take part in its practice. Yoga is a science, a life skill, a tool. It is available to anyone to use as they see fit. 

Yoga literally translates as “to join”. The whole system that falls within this word (asanas - postures, meditation, pranayama – breath work, the philosophy of compassion and non-violence) is simply a tool that was developed thousands of years ago to aid humans in making the most of the great adventure that is their life. The physical postures of yoga (the main aspect of yoga that is practiced in the West) differ from any other form of exercise mainly because of this: It strives to unify all systems of the body (the muscles, the joints, the nervous system, the hormone system, the respiratory system, etc. – even the mind is included as you learn to observe and break down thought patterns that don't serve any longer, as well as bringing focus and clarity to everything you do. 

Yoga's greatest benefit lies in what you learn on the mat, the skills you acquire that aid you in dealing with life's curve balls and which strengthen your ability to deal with change while at the same time, opening you up to change. Yoga is also an excellent tool to aid you in bringing your mind back under your management, and from the stillness that you gain, you will find that your true self regains its intended position within your life. 


Whatever your reason for being drawn to this practice, yoga will meet you there and you will find that you gain all the benefits no matter what your intention. 


It is understandable if you are not completely convinced that 1 hour a day could make such a difference to your life, so why not just swing by for a class and experience it for yourself? Don’t worry if you don’t know what you are doing. You didn’t go to school knowing how to read; you went to school and learned; you wouldn’t come to the yoga class if you didn’t need it or could do it, and yoga studios are one of the few places in this world where there is no judgment.


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Gauteng, South Africa