'My goal is to assist people in starting the journey towards living an authentic life. 
I have spent over a decade facilitating groups in the practice of yoga and meditation, guiding people in becoming aware of their deep seated beliefs, operating principles, and patterns, both the ones that assist us in and the ones that keep us from living our best life. I have been on a path of self-discovery and -understanding for over three decades, and I love sharing what I have learned, but my greatest joy has been to see others commit to the practice, and find themselves entering the world differently and experiencing life from a sense of wholeness. 

I guide from as much intuition as knowledge, creating programmes and structures that utilise combinations of movement, meditation, journaling, mindfulness, and self study that are flexible and modified to each individual's requirements. The work brings people home to themselves, finding balance and alignment in their life, and living life with intention that comes from a sense of wholeness. 

As a teacher, this is my work: to share this experience with you which will bring you to yourself just like it brought me to myself. We are terribly habitual creatures and in order to heal, we need to break our harmful habits. The methods and practices that I use won't absolve you of life, responsibility, or magically fix what you deem broken. It will only bring you home to yourself in the best possible way.

Coming from a history of being bullied, adulthood found me living small and in a near constant state of anxiety and stress, as well as operating from perpetual reactive anger. Ever since I can remember, my environment broke me down in some form or another with the result that I had no idea who I was. I was deeply dissatisfied with life without quite understanding why, but I had a yearning to find myself, as well as a belief that I could be more than what I was; that there should be more to life than just our current state of work-sleep-eat-die.

Life took on a different light when  started to take an active role in trying to understand life (my own in particular), searching for strength and confidence. My journey towards mindful living started with meditation and various modalities of energy healing (Reiki Masters, Meditation courses, Quantum Touch healing, Crystal and Aromatherapy studies, etc.). Through various teachers and studies, I was eventually led to yoga, qualifying as a Yoga Teacher in 2011. Yoga would provide a purpose and a way to break out of an unfulfilling job. 


Most of this was never planned, but an openness to life and to myself allowed me to explore options that threaded their way into my life until I found paths that ignited passion and love within my soul. My journey and relationship with both yoga and myself continues to grow and evolve. It is a never-ending process of learning and discovering, of challenging and questioning what works according to who I am at any given stage of my life, but the core remains the same: practice; commitment; observation; patience; and acceptance.


Fast forward to the present day, I am combining a lifetime of study and learning to provide various workshops and courses, working with individuals who are ready to commit to the journey of SELF, either in group work or one-on-one private sessions.  My guidance includes meditation (sessions and workshops), wellness retreats, talks and workshops, and journaling (writing to heal and grow).