MEET NADYA (which is me)

I use to have a whole schpiel on here about my history and life and whatnot, but in the midst of the pandemic that hit the world in 2020 my life was turned upside down with the closure of my yoga studio. I was left asking a lot of questions about the life I had been creating up until that point. Although, if I were being honest, I had been asking a lot of these questions for the larger part of my life. Perhaps it would be more accurate to say that the sudden loss created a space in which I was, essentially, assaulted by answers.

Answers that I had hitherto tried to ignore.

Answers that left me raw and very vulnerable.

Answers that gave a lot more clarity than I bargained for.

Luckily I have a very good support system.

So. Life changed. Clarity was gained. Work was done. Life went on nonetheless. 

And thus we find ourselves here and now (which I am told and which I teach, is the only place where reality exists). Although my whole life history is very important in so far as it shaped me, all that anyone out there really has to know is whether they like who I am now, because when we have work to do, I believe it is essential that we at least relate to the people we decide to work with. I am without faults or things to work on, but I like myself as I am and I like to be around people who like me too. Life is too short by far for the games we have taught ourselves to play. 

In order to relate a bit more to me, I will share a few more things:

- I believe in the power of story telling, it doesn't matter what the medium is, and I also believe that different mediums require the same story to be different

- Writing is the only skill I have consistently retained a passion for

- Apart from my kids and my husband and a handful of friends, I love books, coffee, cats, thunderstorms and journaling; it also happens that all these things work exceptionally well together

- Although my first love will always be books and I really do love all kinds of stories, I also love movies; I reserve a special place for both fantasy and horror, where I have found we showcase the most of what we wish or believe of the human species

- I also love the moon and tarot cards, but although I enjoy using them as a kind of road map for my journey, I don't believe in divination

- I don't like making food (I really wanted to say I hate it, but it's just such a strong word; perhaps despise would be the best option?)

The essence of life, in my opinion, is: most people try their best; everyone is shit sometimes; a few of us try our best to be less shit.

I don't think there is a black and white to the way of life, and most of it is about trying to navigate the middle way (balance, if you will). This takes practice. Most of us will die before we can become masters, but we do the work because we realise that we are planting seeds for trees in which shade we will never sit (or something equally profound).  

Silence is a great way to stay in practice. We also call this meditation. But without grounding ourselves in the world, accepting the whole of our human experience including the tough and heartbreaking parts, all the silence in the world won't do you any good, and running away from it will only sharpen the edges of the tough parts. We're here in this world for however long, we are having this experience, and we might as well make the best of things. Life will do what it wants, but in between we get to make choices about what we want.

I write more about these things in my blog.