I work with only a select few students at a time so that I can give my full attention to each student and their process. 

If you are ready to commit to changing your life and discovering more about yourself, I am the right teacher for you. 

I will be as dedicated to you as you will be to yourself, and at the same time, we will be flexible and compassionate to the flow of life.

Having said that, I do have a structure to protect both of us:

Sessions start strictly on time and should a student be late sessions will have to be cut short.

Session fees need to clear 24 hours in advance.

Any booking changed without due notice will carry a cancelation fee of 25%.

If sessions need to be moved, a time and day will be chosen to suit all parties; If no such time can be found, all sessions will move one forward. 

COVID-19: All prices have been adapted for LIVE ZOOM sessions

One on One

One on One sessions are catered to the specific needs and goals of each student, whatever that may be.


There are 3 options:

- Assessment/Once-off Session -

75 min session @ R350

an optional session during which the students abilities, concerns, and/or specific goals or concerns are discussed, assessed and advised on;

after the assessment, a course of action is planned for a specific goal and regular practice; regular sessions will commence with a re-evaluation after every 4 weeks if required.

- Regular Sessions -

60 min sessions

in and around Midstream @ R250;

Midrand and Centurion @ R300;

each session will be valid for a 2 week period, a12hour notice period is required for cancellations, and in order to book a set date in time, 4 sessions need to be purchased at a time.


- One on One PLUS -

weekly one-on-one session and

1x 30min practice video/month

practical home based routine (re-assessed monthly)

Midstream @ R1 000

Surrounding Area @ R1 200


This option is for families or friends who wish to practice together in the comfort of their own home. Kids need to be at least 10 years of age (it is important to realise that not all kids even of this age are going to enjoy the practice).

The sessions are structured in a general style to accommodate everyone. Please ask for a quote if there are specific goals or requirements, or if a family would like to add any of the options as per our One on One Sessions.

- Semi-Private Sessions 2 - 4 People -

60 min sessions

Midstream @ R300

SurroundingAreas @ R375

Corporate Wellness

More than ever, corporate entities are coming to realise that employees who are able to manage stress and lead balanced lives perform better overall, being more creative, focussed, and healthy in all aspects. 

- Corporate Yoga Classes -

45min sessions @ R300

once a week @ R1350/month

- Holistic Talks/Workshops -

Topics include (but are not limited to)

Holistic Health & Wellbeing

Managing Stress

Balancing Work and Life

Meditation & Mindfulness

Desk Yoga

Balancing Flow and Routine

Your Journey

Human beings are hardwired for growth, and at the same time we are super resistant to change. Each person has led a life which they have experienced in their own unique way, building core beliefs, and forming coping mechanisms through their own unique nature. These patterns of reaction often create the same consequences in our lives over and over. Regardless of what your individual experiences have been, I would like to assist you in breaking through beliefs that are holding you back in a step by step process, using a combination of journaling, meditation, yoga (or other movement practices that you are comfortable with), self-reflection, and personal guidance/coaching. 

Packages are tailor made to suit each individual (and their pocket), containing a mix of virtual interaction, phone calls, motivational messages, yoga/meditation sessions, journaling guidance, and much more.More details on specific programmes to follow in 2020, but contact me for details in the meantime. 

Within each of lies a fighter and a peacemaker, a warrior and a yogi.

The warrior learns to pull the sword and fight for that which can be changed.

The yogi learns to sit and surrender to that which cannot.

These 2 qualities of our nature must be developed skillfully along with reason, logic, and emotional intelligence.

Collectively they cultivate a consciousness which allows discernment between the sword and the seat, emptiness and fullness, height and depth, light and dark, battle and surrender, war and peace.

- Cameron Shayne

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Gauteng, South Africa