I use a variety of tools and skills to facilitate a journey that heals and empowers, as well as the full embodiment of the entire experience of your current human manifestation.

Below you will find simplified explanations of the services, topics of talks, classes, and workshops I provide.

Options can be further personalised, so do not hesitate to connect with me if you don't see your specific option around.

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Journalling is a tool that assists in both healing and growth.

I facilitate both once off workshops to assist in starting the process or to keep on writing when you hit a block, and personal ongoing guidance to use journaling as a means to grow and uncover parts that need to be brought back into wholeness. 

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retreats, workshops

Upcoming retreats and events can be viewed under the events page, and I am also open to collaborations, talks, and workshops where my skillset would be of interest. These include but are not limited to:

Yoga (Hatha, Yin, Budokon style, philosophy, chakras, mudras, malas, mantras)

Meditation, including Yoga Nidra and Mindfullness

Journaling, including Mandalas

Moonology (working with the moon)

Card Readings

Working with Intention


meditation, bodywork

Private and semi-private classes are offered in yoga, meditation, journaling, etc. to assist in a journey of holistic wellness.

Sessions can be customised to specific and personal needs and requirements, addressing states like prenatal wellbeing and fitness, anxiety, depression, lifestyle related disorders and diseases, pre- and post natal options (including recovery), core strength, lack of mobility,  etc. 


circles and groups

Whether the theme is the moon, women, couples, friends, or healing, circles and groups are ways for people to hold space and have space be held for them as they share, heal, and support each other. 

I facilitate and create spaces where everyone feels safe to explore their journey, experiences, and the emotions that arise. 

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spirit and life coaching

In a society where people wear their burnout like a badge of honour, that encourages constant business, and measures our value by what we achieve, I aim to assist people in setting boundaries, creating a life of intention, finding the balance between the doing and the being, as well as undoing the habits and patterns inflicted on us through society. 

I also assist specifically with cases of burnout and PTSD.