Yoga forms the foundation of my methodology. There has been a lot of controversy over the last few years about yoga and, more specifically, yoga as taught in the West. I cannot give you clear cut answers in this regard, I only know what my journey has been within yoga, and what my aim is in teaching it. I was never a great mover: I started walking late; I never wanted to do more than sit in a corner and read, and I remember how this exasperated my mother, who was the only mother who had to ask her child to stop reading and go and play outside. Nonetheless, I found structured meditation and yoga classes between the ages of 25 and 32, and apart from teaching me how to release a lifetime's worth stress and strain by moving the body in a certain way, it also gave me a space to both be and explore who I was. 

This, for me, remains the core essence of yoga, and it is the reason I teach it now. 

I have found things within the practice that provide me with additional depth and understanding, and I share these too. Some people will agree with how I do the what that I do, and some will not. And that's ok. 

The ultimate proof of whether the yoga we teach is the correct yoga, is whether it transcends into your life, whether you can create balance through it, whether it assists you in being a better, fuller version of yourself, or whether you can just navigate life a bit better, whether the change is visible or just felt, there needs to be some way in which you are transformed. 

It has nothing to do with gods and goddesses, and everything to do with you and the way you live. 

If this sounds like something you can benefit from, then let's work together.

Below you will find simplified explanations of the services, topics of talks, classes, and workshops I provide.

Details on prices, packages, programmes, and combined options are provided on the prices-page.

Options can be further personalised, so do not hesitate to connect with me if you don't see your specific option around.

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Gauteng, South Africa